ISEKI UK & Ireland, distributors of ISEKI compact tractors and mowers alongside their local dealer Turney Group based in Oxfordshire, recently sold a SXG326+ to Chesham Town Council.

With six members of staff, Paul Isom manages the Parks and Premises Team at Chesham Town Council, looking after all the open spaces, cemeteries plus extra contract work in the area and recently purchased a SXG326+ to keep the areas in top condition. Commenting on the buying process Paul explains; “After having demonstrations from numerous manufacturers, Josh Walker from local ISEKI dealer Turney Group based in Oxfordshire brought along the SXG326+ mower – it easily outperformed the other machines for cutting and collecting in the wet leaving a brilliant finish every time. There was no question, this would be the second ISEKI SXG mower we would own. We kept the first one for three years with no problem at all and we have had this new SXG326+ mower for over 9 months with no issues.”

Used in various areas of the award-winning Lowndes Park in Chesham, the SXG326+ on the lowest cutting height keeps formal areas looking pristine all year round, other large areas are cut by a tractor and wide roller mower, then the wildflower meadows are topped and collected by the SXG326+ at the end of each season.

Paul continued; “These SXG326+ mowers did more than we expected, we bought it for our manicured grass but it easily cuts our wildflower meadows leaving a tidy collected finish, plus the 2.2m high tip 600 litre collector means that if needed we can tip into the back of trailers to move the grass away or tip into hedgerows if we are cutting the wildflower areas.

“The reliability of ISEKI is brilliant, they are solid built machines, it says what it does on the tin, it never breaks down and we’ve not had any issues. The safety features are great, one example is the machine cutting off when you get off the seat. Another feature other mowers don’t have is the ability to mow in reverse, so useful when cutting around trees and benches where you are constantly having to adjust and change directions to make sure none of it is missed, it makes this aspect of mowing so much easier.

“Travelling from site to site is made simple too with its compact size and easy tie down points which is so helpful as we cover numerous sites throughout Chesham each day, from roadside verges to parks and playgrounds, to business premises with outdoor spaces. We take great pride in leaving manicured and striped turf, whether it’s on the verges as you drive into the town or the precious cemeteries and parks. I just think it looks great.

“Based on the four years I have owned ISEKI SXG326+ mowers I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend, in fact I have done so with other local authorities, and they have also gone ahead and purchased an ISEKI. It’s an absolutely fantastic little machine!”

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