Gerrards Cross upgrades to invaluable ISEKI

Pete Allen, Deputy Course Manager at Gerrards Cross Golf Club, claims that his new ISEKI TG6675 compact tractor has been invaluable since the day he purchased it.

Built in 1922, Gerrards Cross Golf Club is considered one of the most attractive courses in Buckinghamshire. With the River Misbourne meandering past the club house, and set in the grounds of an ancient estate, the woodland course measures 6,243 yards and is a testing par 69.

Pete claims that having a tractor to carry out a wide range of maintenance tasks on the course is essential. Therefore, when his previous tractor “couldn’t cope with some of the jobs” they needed it to do, it was time for an upgrade.

“When deciding on what tractor to purchase we looked across the whole market,” he said. “We liked the ISEKI TG6675 because it was a nice compact size, it had the right lifting capacity and had a big engine so we could use all of the implements and attachments we have. Overall, it was the complete package and the best tractor we came across.”

The ISEKI TG6675 sets the benchmark for compact tractor performance. Designed and manufactured in Japan, it is built to exceptional standards of quality, starting from the front lights through to the back three-point linkage. Every component, including the engine and transmission, features ISEKI’s stamp of approval for quality and excellence that is rarely seen in the mini tractor market.

The new ISEKI TG6675 tractor is available with a ROPS, or a factory fitted, fully air-conditioned category 2 cabin. All instruments and gauges are easy to read and indicate driving information like engine speed, travelling speed, and PTO speed can be viewed at a glance. All levers are ergonomically located around the driving seat and there is ample space for the driver’s comfort.

“A big plus with this tractor was that we were able to get a front linkage and a front PTO set-up installed,” said Pete. “We run a blower on the front of it and can also put a woodchipper on the front. This, for me, is an improvement because I’ve used blowers on the rear of a tractor before but having it on the front means I am not having to look over my shoulder all the time – I can see everything clearly. 

“Everything about the tractor is built with the user in mind. There is also a PTO switch on the outside of the tractor, so you don’t have to keep jumping in and out of the cab, which has been great. Plus, with the front loader, we can load all our machinery when required and also maintain our sheds with the pallet forks to keep everything neat and tidy.

“It is a solid yet compact tractor which is perfect for getting to every area of the golf course,” continued Pete. “It covers everything from a maintenance point of view, and it has been invaluable since day one.

“The backup and support have been excellent, and we couldn’t be happier. I would always consider another ISEKI machine to replace anything on our fleet which needed upgrading.”

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