Mark Pinfold, Head Groundsman at the Thomas Deacon Academy, was looking for a multi-tasking compact tractor – and after a lengthy search he found what he was looking for in the ISEKI TXGS24.

The Thomas Deacon Academy is an independent state school located in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, and comprises the Thomas Deacon Academy Secondary School and sixth form and The Junior Academy.

Mark and his team are responsible for maintaining the sports facilities and the grounds across all three of the Academy’s sites. It is safe to say that they have their work cut out with such a vast area, so anything that makes life easier is a must-have according to Mark. When it came to choosing a new multi-tasking tractor, it wasn’t a decision to be taken lightly.

“We were looking for a tractor that had more than one use,” said Mark. “It needed to be mobile and compact enough to be put on a trailer to be moved from site to site; and we also needed to be able to use various attachments with it.

“Obviously we had a budget to work with and so we went round many different dealers and looked at lots of options but the one we decided on was the ISEKI TXGS24.”

The TXGS24 is an easy to use, versatile tractor with all the features and benefits of a much larger tractor. With a flat easy-access platform it is simple to operate and easy to master. Clear automotive style dashboard and controls, fully auto style hydrostatic transmission with switchable 4WD traction drive make the ISEKI TXGS24 very user-friendly. Individual forward and reverse pedals give the operator precise control.

Its compact dimensions and powerful 23 hp diesel engine make the ISEKI TXGS24 an excellent multi-purpose ground care tractor. Robust enough to take a front loader or backhoe and countless other implements via a Cat 1 3-point hitch including collectors and centre mounted mowing deck, rear mowers, rotavators, levellers and harrows; this is a very versatile machine for any application.

Mark purchased the tractor through ISEKI dealer Fentons of Bourne and he hasn’t looked back since.

“It really is a great piece of kit,” said Mark. “The wide width of the cutting deck makes our life easier, and it has lots of other nice little perks such as a cup holder, a comfortable seat, and a little storage compartment where I can put my phone or other items.

“We Also purchased the front loader, and we use this for moving soil and bark around, sand and cement, salt bags in winter and for carrying various hand tools. On the back we have the option of putting a roller on, which is ideal for our cricket and football pitches. I also like the fact it is road legal.

“I would absolutely recommend this tractor because it is such a great all-rounder.”

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