Set in an area of outstanding natural beauty near Buckinghamshire you will find the multi-million pound Cosgrove Caravan Park, spanning over 190 acres. Park Foreman, Trevor Bird with the help of his team of three gardeners, carefully manicure the site all year round supported by their trusted ISEKI SF235.

When Trevor started at the park four years ago they were using several out-front mulching mowers from a different manufacturer to maintain the grassed areas which left the grounds looking rather scruffy.  Trevor explained; “I knew in order to raise the standards of the park we had to cut and collect the grass from around the site.  With this in mind I contacted our local dealer RT Machinery, explained what I was looking for, and they brought out an ISEKI SF235 on demonstration.

“Held on a rather miserable, rainy day I wasn’t expecting much from the demonstration, but the impressive capability of the ISEKI SF235 to cut and collect all the grass clippings with an excellent finish, even despite the awful weather, sold it for me.  The powerful turbine sucks the grass from the deck and blows it via an oscillating chute into the collector, ensuring the collector is filled to its maximum.  This brilliant feature means there is no annoying clogging up compared to the previous mowers we have owned.

“Used four days a week throughout the whole of the grass cutting season by myself and three members of the team, the mower definitely has its work cut out.  We have found it incredibly comfortable to use, with well-placed mirrors, great driving position and comfortable seat, even after 8 hours of work.”

Disposal of all the grass waste is easily completed with the 2.1m lift clearance into a container with the impressive 950 litre collector, boosting efficiency for Trevor’s team, alongside the large 54” cutting width deck.

“This is the first ISEKI I have purchased and even the little finishing touches are well thought through.  One example is all the hydraulic hoses are tucked neatly away so there is no risk of them being caught whilst out cutting.  It’s the quality design touches like this that make the mower stand out from its competitors.

Having known Richard Taylor for many years I can safely say RT Machinery’s service is second to none.  The back-up provided from the dealership is great and exactly what you look for when purchasing machinery like this.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the ISEKI SF235, with its large 54” deck, impressive collector and superb finish; what is not to like about this machine.”

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