With so many deciduous trees around Kitebrook Preparatory School’s 40 acres of grounds, the work never stops in order to keep this outstanding school looking immaculate. It’s not just the ornamental grounds that need to be kept in top condition, they also have rugby and football pitches, a small golf course and parkland to maintain.

Based on the border of Gloucestershire, Ian Upton, Head Groundsman started at Kitebrook Preparatory School four years ago. Noticing a need to collect all the fallen leaves each year to help improve the aesthetics of the grounds itself and improve the quality of the surrounding flower beds, borders and lawns he started their search for a suitable machine. Ian explains further; “initially we looked for a specialised leaf collector but after speaking with our local dealer Turney Group they recommended trying the ISEKI SF237 rotary cut and collect mower.

“Having previously used ISEKI we were aware of the reliability and quality product’s they produce but had not tried the collection system for picking up fallen leaves and debris too. We were blown away by its performance and purchased without hesitation.”

The SF237 operates a turbine driven collection system, drawing all debris from the rotary deck straight through the chute and propelled into the back of the 950 litre collector via an oscillating chute, ensuring maximum capacity filling, compacting down for the ultimate productivity.
“One of the many features we like about the SF237 is the easy height of cut adjustment, with a simple lever you can change the height without having to use tools or get on and off the machine numerous times.”

“The large 950 litre collector makes it very efficient, not having to empty so often is such a time saver plus the high tip of 2.25m allows us to tip into trailer, again saving time not having to run back to the tipping point each time.

“What stood out more than anything for me was its ability to cut and collect so cleanly whereas all the other machines we tried could only do one of these things well. It can truly be used all year round thanks to its extremely capable collect abilities, not just for grass but for leaves and turf maintenance clear up too!

“It’s a very sturdy, easy to operate machine for all members of staff, very comfortable and the vision is very good for negotiating objects with a clear view of the deck.

Ian concludes; “I would recommend the machine to anyone in the groundcare industry, whether you are a golf course, landscape gardener or contractor. It’s just a brilliant, well built, all year round machine.”

Should you wish to try a SF mower for yourself please do not hesitate to either contact ISEKI on 01473 599266 or your local dealer to book a demonstration today.

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