RAYMO is the future at Portrack House

The RAYMO electric, zero-emission, remote controlled mower is working wonders at the Garden of Cosmic Speculation – located at Portrack House in South West Scotland.

It seems fitting that a 30-acre garden inspired by the principles of modern physics, cosmology, and the ‘Big Bang’ theory, is kept beautifully maintained by an equally innovative concept. This is where the RAYMO remote controlled mower comes in.

Amongst the weird and wonderful water cascades, twisting DNA helixes, black-holes, and building blocks of matter, visitors may also see an un-manned mower gracefully gliding over various snail-shaped grass mounds.

“The RAYMO is as futuristic as it gets,” said Groundcare Manager at Portrack House, Ben Wakefield. “This machine really is at the cutting-edge of grass cutting technology.”

As well as looking the part, this unique mower performs exactly the way you would imagine it to. Exclusively distributed in the UK and Ireland by ISEKI UK, the RAYMO tackles some of the most significant issues the landscaping industry faces – noise, emissions, vibration, operator safety, slope maintenance and operating cost.

It is a unique product that with the ability to swap power packs, offers a versatile multi-use mower. Whether you need to cut grass in noise sensitive areas, gain access under low objects such as solar panels or trees, or need to meet the needs of the customer with growing concerns of carbon emissions this mower will exceed expectations whilst tackling lush dense grass growth with ease. Furthermore, the RAYMO can give unrivalled run times from its lithium battery pack.

Other advantages of the RAYMO include:

  • 104cm (41”) cutting width, rear discharge full floating deck
  • Small compact machine that is only 51cm (20”) high
  • No oil, fuel hydraulics just clean battery power
  • Established remote control system
  • Easy change from battery to hybrid as needed
  • Low noise level ~68dB
  • Zero Operator vibration level
  • Safe to 35-degree slopes
  • 4-wheel drive and zero turn
  • Light footprint allows for mowing in wet and soft conditions

After arranging a RAYMO demonstration through his local ISEKI UK dealer, it didn’t take Ben long to make a decision.

“The whole team enjoyed the demonstration, and we couldn’t wait to start using it,” said Ben. “The reason we need it is because we have lots of difficult areas such as steep banking and grass areas around water features. Having a machine like this will make it a lot easier and safer for everyone to operate while maintaining those hard-to-reach areas.

“We went for the battery-powered model, rather than the hybrid, for multiple reasons but mainly because of the environmental benefits. It seems to be the way the whole industry is heading. The RAYMO can be easily and quickly charged, and the battery life is fantastic.

“One of the other features I like about this mower is that it has the front cutting deck which is adjustable. It is easy to lift so you can clean it which is good because anyone that has worked with these kinds of machines will know that it can be a bit fiddly to get your hands underneath where the cutting blades are. You have no such problems with the RAYMO.

“I would say that the RAYMO is the one machine which everyone here wants to constantly use.”

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