SF Mower Range

Compact, lightweight and manoeuvrable, the SF224 and SF235 mowers have impeller assisted high tip collectors and a choice of either the 22hp engine with 54” deck or the 32.5hp engine with 60″ deck.  The deck is low maintenance with no belts to adjust on the cutting system.  

The electric auto reversing cooling fan continuously cleans the radiator screen keeping the engine at the correct working temperature.  High capacity fuel tank and road lighting as standard helps with working those long hours.

The SF310 and SF370 are the ideal 30hp or 36hp outfront mowers for either a 63” or 72” rotary deck or  a front mounted flail for the toughest jobs.  With a large footprint and a low centre of gravity these mowers feel safe and surefooted in any condition.

The largest collection mower with unrivalled performance is the SF450, with a 46hp engine, 60” shaft drive deck, 2 speed 1300 Litre high tip collector, automatic hydrostatic 4 wheel drive with cruise control, it is ideal for the most demanding of tasks.  It now comes with the ultimate mowing deck the highly renowned Muthing 1.62m flail deck for the ultimate productivity.  

SF450 with Muthing Flail

  • Renowned 1.62m outfront Muthing Flail deck     
  • Powerful 46hp diesel engine with 4WD and cruise control
  • Changeable plate in flail deck to swap between collection or mulching
  • 2.1m clearance high tip with large 1300L collector     


  • 46 hp Out-front 60″ mower with a 1300 litre collector    
  • 4WD and cruise control
  • 60″ deck with quick height adjustment system and mulching plate
  • 2.1m clearance high tip with large 1300L collector      
SF450 muthing

SF235 & SF224 Collector

  • 32.5hp out-front 60” mower with a 950 litre collector    
  • Automatic 4WD or can be pre-selected
  • 60” deck with single with point height adjustment, mulching plate and high tip collector as standard
  • 22hp SF224 same features as SF235 but with a 54” deck

SF370 & SF310

  • 36hp out-front mower 2 range hydrostatic transmission with cruise control and auto-throttle
  • 63” or 72” rear discharge decks and 60” or 72” side discharge decks available
  • Automatic or selectable 4WD
  • 30hp SF310 available with 60”, 63 or 72” decks          


  • 22.5hp out-front mower 2 range hydrostatic transmission with cruise control, auto-throttle and automatic or selectable 4WD
  • Compatible with a range of outfront decks; Wessex, Muthing and ISEKI flail plus an ISEKI rotary deck
  • Large storage bed for carrying tools or other equipment
  • 32.5hp SF235 available