Martyn Wills, a landscaping contractor from Devon, once carried out a favour for a friend by collecting an ISEKI tractor. Following the favour, Martyn claims that he absolutely needed to buy one for himself.

The story begins six months ago.

“My friend asked me to go and pick up an ISEKI tractor from a neighbour,” said Martyn. “So, I did him a favour and when I drove it back, I thought to myself that it was a really nice tractor. It just so happens that at that particular time I was in the market for a smaller tractor because the one we previously had wouldn’t even pull your hat off.

“When I got back, I got in touch with my local dealer Jamie and said I need this ISEKI TG tractor with a loader and a pick-up hitch. He told me that I could basically build my own tractor but adding any attachment that we needed.”

lSEKI’s TG Series sets the benchmark for compact tractor performance. Designed and manufactured in Japan, the TG Series is built to exceptional standards of quality — starting from the front lights through to the back three-point linkage. Every component, including the engine and transmission, features lSEKI’s stamp of approval for quality and excellence that is rarely seen in the compact tractor category. With a host of options and features to choose from, the lSEKI TG Series provides unrivalled reliability to get the job done fast, efficiently and in comfort.

Martyn chose the TG6557 tractor which features a V4-cylinder 55 hp turbo diesel engine and he hasn’t looked back.

“We bought this tractor, and it has turned out to be capable of even more than we expected,” he said. “It really comes into its own on a large estate we look after which has a lot of grassland. The tractor maintains all these areas and we use it for aerating, dragging, rolling, fertilising, and mowing.

“It is also brilliant for around our yard and has taken quite a lot of our loader jobs, which is one of the main reasons we got it. I love that it has got a high output on the loader – it will lift about 1400 kg.

“We are all over the moon with it and being from a dairy farm background, I definitely would have wanted one of these when I was scraping the yards!

“I would highly recommend looking into ISEKI because this tractor has been absolutely brilliant for us.”

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